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We perform work of Loss Adjustment and Mechanical Expertise for the main insurances companies with operations in Brazil and Worldwide.

Loss Adjustment

Process of loss measurement and all the other elements that influence the calculation of the indemnification calculations and on the rights of the insured, according to the Conditions on the Insurance Contract, including inspections “in loco” or documental, eventually with the support of an Expertise Report, explaining the occurrence, the cause of the event, circumstances and characterization, to come to a conclusion for the coverage, as if the insured has complied with all its legal and contractual obligations.

Loss Adjuster

Professional, usually with technical degree, responsible for the field work development and adjustment report issuin, counting, eventually with the support of an expert in a specific matter with the purpose of clarifying the cause, effects and costs due to the recovery of the damaged property. All the adjusters of MM Associados are certified on Professional Loss Adjustment and Claims Settlement – RE, as SUSEP requirements. We count on professionals with experience on complex losses of medium and large scope.
Source: Glossário Ilustrado de Inspeção, Regulação e Engenharia de Incêndio – FUNENSEG – Marco Aurélio Gonçalves de Souza – Rio de Janeiro – 2002.


Inspection or examination of technical and specialized nature.

Loss Expertise

Execution of inspection and appraisal report issuing by a specialist on the matter, that indicates to the adjuster, the cause, extension and relevance of the costs for repair, and / or replacement of the damaged property and, if required, the calculation of the value at risk included in the Loss Adjustment Report.
We have a specialized team of mechanical engineers experienced in technical appraisal for insurers on Losses. The experts use modern computational tools to elaborate finite elements analysis (FEA) and they also attended specific courses to help on the cause determination. With knowledge acquired during the years, we have expertise on loss neasurement in several types of equipment involved in the losses.